Jörgen Svensson LLC is a young company from Sweden that was founded in the year 2012 by Swedish athlete and team doctor Jörgen Svensson. Svensson played 12 years in various teams of Swedish national Bandy Championships, and after completing the career received a master's degree at the Karolinska Medical Institute (Karolinska Institutet) in Stockholm. As an Assistant, then a leading sports doctor Svensson worked with such teams as Västerås SK and Hammarby IF, the latter of which won the national championship in 2010, just as Jörgen Svensson, who had acted as the Chief Sports physician team.

The idea of creating his own company to develop fitness equipment Svensson came in with a wide experience of work with sports teams. In the process of training and rehabilitation of athletes, he discovered that the vast majority of cardio equipment has not only a lot of structural defects that affect the quality and effectiveness of the workouts, but often have a negative impact on your muscles or joints. Having examined many dozens of trainers leading brands he concluded that manufacturers are paying attention to anything, but not efficient and safety training. They are trying to sell obvious, or the so-called "visible" advantages - appearance, specifications, entertainment and multimedia features, warranty terms. But such things as correct biomechanics, safaty usage and effectiveness of the training often remain outside the attention of the producers. Jörgen said that he was tired of looking at killing his knees, harmful or Ellipticals back exercise bikes and traumatic legs and spine treadmills. Biomechanical properties of most trainers he estimates altogether as unsatisfactory.

Absolutely all models Svensson and his engineers develop and test themselvesself. Of course, not all his ideas to implement before the end turns out-impose technological, production imprint or economic restrictions. However, Jörgen promises that his equipment keep top ergonomic, efficiency and security specs than all the other trainers in the industry.

Jörgen Svensson LLC is a dynamically developing company. Having received good reviews and earning a reputation as a supplier of quality equipment on the market in Sweden, the company began expanding into foreign markets. In 2014, the representative office was opened in England, and one year later comes Russia. In the nearest plans of the company worth market entry in Germany, Finland and Poland.