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APPLEGATE B20 M with magnetic loading system belongs to a class of heavy exercise bikes for domestic use. It features a robust frame construction of reinforced profile with user weight up to 150 kg magnetic brake on bio-Flow ™ technology provides efficient pedalling through the utâželennomu balanced flywheel weighing 13 kg Heavy Kevlar belt and prednatâžitel′ are responsible not only for a smooth ride on any load levels but also for the quality of the load. The fact of the matter is that often the manufacturers of exercise bikes save on internal components, in particular on the drive system. As a result of pedalling at higher load levels turns out ragged, and the load is just not enough.  APPLEGATE B20 M spared from such problems through qualitative components. Therefore the progress of the drive system will be smooth at all speeds and loads will be dostatotočnymi not only for beginners but also for professional level athletes.
The training computer is represented by a black and white LCD display diagonal of 14.5 cm. Displays all main parameters of training time, distance, speed, calories, revolutions per minute, pulse, as well as the external temperature Wednesday. Load regulation is regulated mechanically in 8 positions. At the conclusion of the workout Recovery function will evaluate the cardiovascular system's ability to recover.
Among the significant advantages of biomechanical refers adjustable seats not only vertical but also horizontal position, comfortable ergonomic seat is anatomically shaped and grooved anti-slip pedals with rubber straps multistation. There is also a options such as transport wheels and compensators uneven floors. Thus, move the product from one place to another will not make the big work even for fragile girl and compensators will adjust the position of the legs on an uneven surface.
The Simulator has all necessary certificates for sales in the territory of the European Union-European certificate of conformity (CE) and European safety certificate (RoHS). Trade mark APPLEGATE ™ is a registered trademark of JÖrgen LLC Svensson (Sweden).

Black and white LCD display 9 cm simultaneously displays the various parameters of your workout time, distance, speed, calories and pulse.

  • 1 Black and white LCD display 9 cm simultaneously displays the various parameters of your workout time, distance, speed, calories and pulse.
  • MAGNETIC bio-LOAD Flow ™ Magnetic brake bio-Flow ™ refers to the advanced class loading systems. Balanced flywheel 8 kg, Kevlar belt and powerful magnets provide smooth running and variability of the loads.
  • 9 Properly configured magnetic adjustment helps ensure uniformity of workload. At the lower load provisions should be small. On the upper-sufficient to provide effective training regimes not only for beginners but also for advanced users. That proper configuration of a system are distinguished by a steady increase in values from the lower to the upper.
  • 2 As is the case with conventional street bikes, the seat is essential to creating comfort. Stiff pillow is unlikely to engage in long and comfortably. So for all bicycle trainers AppleGate installed soft ergonomic seating with helium.
  • 3 Vertical adjustment of the seat is required for choosing the optimal landing position. Seatpost APPLEGATE B22 M adjustable in 7 positions. The Simulator is suitable for users increase to 190 cm.
  • 4 The pedals have rubber straps that allow you to indulge in outdoor footwear and not compress the ankle. Adjustable straps enables you to adjust the tension under any size legs. Ribbed surface provides a confident grip the pedals with the sole of the shoe is pedaling at all speeds.
  • 5 Transport wheels are a must-have for any bike, they allow you to move equipment from one place to another. It is important that the videos were made of high quality plastics-otherwise, after a few dozen motion rollers deform and further displacement bike proves to be difficult.
  • 6 Compensators roughnesses of a floor are relatively small, but important option. Most flooring is no different a perfect horizontal surface. Specially for such cases used compensators roughnesses of a floor from which bike is securely fixed. Firstly, it is important from the standpoint of efficiency and security training-it is hardly possible to engage in full force on the fragile equipment. Secondly, poorly recorded Simulator can easily damage the flooring.
  • 7 Heartbeat sensors are for reading the user's heart rate during a workout. They also are used during heart rate controlled programs. The testimony of such sensors have some margin of error and are not reliable medical measurements.
  • 8 Stand for a tablet or smartphone is a relatively small but important option. 30 minute workout is quite monotonous occupation, so various entertaining elements can and should make. Catching up on a stationary bike, quite comfortable to watch your favorite movies and programs, surf the Internet, use video telephony and more.
Biomechanical properties
Position vertical
Drive System magnetic bio-Flow ™
Resistance Levels 8
Flywheel 9 kg.
Crank System three-crank
Seat with gel cushions
Seat Adjustments vertically and horizontally
Handlebars standard braided from tires
Handlebars Ajustments No
Training computer
Display Type black and white LCD display 9 cm.
Language(s) English
Display Feedback time, distance, speed, calories, revolutions per minute, pulse fitness test (Recovery), temperature (C)
Programs Total No
Preset Workouts No
HRC Programs No
Customized Programs No
Watts Program No
Manual Mode 8 provisions magnetic adjustment
Web Connectivity No
Software Intergation No
Multimedia No
Plug Connectivity No
Sensors touch sensors
Personal Fan No
Tablet holder There are
Charge your Smartphone No
Use and storage
Max User Weight 130 kg.
Floor Stabilizers There are
Transportation Wheels There are
Assembled Dimensions (L*W*H) 99 * 148 * 57 cm
Net Weight 22 kg.
Power Requirements does not require a connection to the network
Energy Saving There are
Frame profile anticorrosive treatment, painting in one layer
Plastic ABS plastic from raw materials
Shipping data
Packaging 1 box (solid pressed cardboard and penoplactovye forms)
Dimensions 78 * 25 * 58 cm.
Volume 0.1108 cub.m.
Gross weight 34 kg
Guarantee and certificates
Frame 1 year (standard)/1 year (extended)
Drive System 1 year (standard)/1 year (extended)
Electronics 0.5 years (standard)/1 year (extended)
Labor 0.5 years (standard)/0.5 years (extended)
Certificates European certificate of conformity (CE), the European safety certificate (RoHS)
Origin Jörgen Svensson, Sweden

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