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Rowing machine AAPLEGATE R10 M c magnetic system loading is not only allows you to adjust the load electronically, but also significantly increase the diversity and effectiveness of training through the preset training profiles, pul′sozavisimoj program or competition with a virtual opponent. Quick and easy folding design aims to maximize storage area. Multi-function console displays all the main parameters of the workout. Maximum user weight 130 kg.
The training computer is represented by a multifunctional black-and-white LCD size 5.5 inches (14 cm). The software package BX

The black-and-white LCD display with a diagonal of 9 cm simultaneously displays various parameters of training - time, distance, calories, mahi and machs of everything.

  • 1 The black-and-white LCD display with a diagonal of 9 cm simultaneously displays various parameters of training - time, distance, calories, mahi and machs of everything.
  • 5 A well-tuned magnetic adjustment allows for uniformity and efficiency of the load. In the lower positions, the load should be small. At the top - enough to provide effective training modes not only beginners, but also advanced users. At the same time, the correct setting of the system distinguishes an even increase in load from the lower values to the upper values.
  • 2 The aeromagnetic loading system is a mix of magnetic adjustment and aerodynamic load. Adding a magnetic load helps keep a constant level of resistance for the user. The system is powered by a built-in generator and does not require a connection to the network, nor does it heat up. Performs the role of a fan leading to the console part of the rowing simulator.
  • 3 The AppleGate R12 AM has a folding function and won't take up much space indoors. It can be stored in the corner of the room or on the balcony. The folded equipment is only 81 cm long, 65 cm wide and 129 cm high.
  • 6 The setting is important both for proper exercise and for comfort. A special ergonomic pillow made of foamed polyurethane provides maximum training efficiency and the highest degree of comfort.
  • 1 The sliding rail is made of high-quality aluminum - in conjunction with the bearings installed in the seat, this provides a high sliding factor. That's why the APPLEGATE R10 M features a soft and smooth running.
  • 8 The fluted surface of the pedals provides a confident grip to the sole of the shoe at any pace of exercise.
  • 7 Transport rollers are a mandatory element of the design, they allow you to move the equipment from one place to another. It is important that the rollers were made of high-quality plastics - otherwise, after a few dozen movements the rollers are deformed and further movement of the simulator will be difficult.
  • 4 Floor bump compensators are a relatively small but important option. Most flooring is not distinguished by a perfect horizontal surface. Especially for such cases are used compensators of uneven sex, due to which the simulator is securely fixed. First, it is important in terms of the effectiveness and safety of training - it is hardly possible to engage in full force on an unstable ellipse. Secondly, a poorly fixed simulator can simply damage the flooring.
Biomechanical properties
Loading system magnetic
Number of load levels 8
Flywheel 6 kg
Rails aluminium with high coefficient of slip
Seat ergonomic contour shape
Training computer
Console black and white LCD display 14.5 cm
Language (s) interface English
The testimony of the console time, distance, calories, Mahi, makhov total
The total number of programmes There is no programme
Training programs No
Heart rate controlled programs No
Custom programs No
Watt-programme No
Internet No
Integration technologies No
Multimedia No
Connectors No
Pulse measurement No
Use and storage
Max. user weight 120 kg
Compensators roughnesses of a floor No
Transport wheels There are
In working condition size (l * w * h) 192
Folded size (l * w * h) 81 * 65 * 129 cm
Net weight 28 kg
Nutrition does not require a connection to the network
Energy saving There are
Frame profile anticorrosive treatment, painting in one layer
Plastic type ABS plastic from raw materials
Shipping data
Packaging 1 box (solid pressed cardboard and penoplactovye forms)
Dimensions 128 * 29 * 51 cm
Volume 0.189 cube. m
Gross weight 32 kg
Manufacturer Jörgen Svensson, Sweden
Country of manufacture PEOPLES REPUBLIC of CHINA

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