Jörgen Svensson invites Global Fitness Evolution


From 23 to 24 November in the framework of the exhibition Global Fitness Evolution in skolkovo company Jörgen Svensson will present the latest designs professional equipment under the brand name Svensson Industrial-treadmills, elliptical trainer Adaptive ARMORTECH HIT AMT870 and the bike FORCE U750 LX.

In addition to the excellent technical characteristics, treadmills ARMORTECH have three colour variants-CrimsonGlory (purple), Black and White (black and white) and GraphiteBlue (metallic grey) that allows you to pick up the equipment, the most combined with the existing design of the fitness club.

In the design of Adaptive Simulator SvenssonIndustrial HIT AMT870 innovative solutions were applied, which have dramatically expanded the functionality of the model. HIT AMT870 6 different options allows you to simulate movement-classic ellipse, running, ski step, bike, climbing stairs and walking on the spot, the user chooses the desired geometry, rather than moving to the originally specified path.

FORCE U750 LX-series premium representative velotrenazhjorov, designed for maximum commercial exploitation regimes. This model is equipped with an induction system loading using electromagnets, which reduces noise and exceptional maneuverability.

At the exhibition you will have the opportunity to visit 4 business zone forums. Come to the exhibition, our stand is opposite the business lectures "Digital".

We will be glad to meet you!

Event website: https://globalfitnessforum.ru/

You can register here: https://globalfitnessevolution.ru/#uchastie