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The Swedish company JÖrgen Svensson LLC is the newest revolutionary high-tech development - Magnetic Elliptical trainer SVENSSON BODY LABS STRIDELINE EZM. The ellipsoid is based on its own unique technology - a system of dynamic change in the position of pedals fly-Stride ™ and special orthopedic springs ortho-Spring ™.
How is the principle of movement in the classical ellipse with rear-wheel drive? Pedal strictly fixed on a DIN rail, its position remains the same throughout the circle of rotation. On an elliptical trainer SVENSSON BODY LABS STRIDELINE series with the introduction of technology fly-Stride ™ pedal position is dynamically adjusted by using a special roller, which moves the pedal in the horizontal projection of the movement along the axis. It is thus realized a number of important advantages that are not available in any other ellipses. First, the step length is incredible for domestic RWD ellipsoids 55 cm. This is why the feeling of training on STRIDELINE EZM are similar to those that occur in professional elliptical trainer, presented in clubs. Secondly, fly-Stride ™ technology provides a natural course and biomechanical correct declination angle at any point of the trajectory of motion. Thirdly, it is unique for ellipses orthopedic component. Almost all elliptical trainers household level differ in some excess pressure on the joints of the feet - first of all, suffer knees. Because of its excellent step length (55 cm) wide and natural course, fly-Stride ™ technology reduces to an absolute minimum the burden on the knee joints by moving the load from the front of the foot to the center. Fourth, fly-Stride ™ completely eliminates the so-called "jumping effect". One of the main features of the correct biomechanics of the ellipsoid is the position of the body during exercise. If it is fixed at one point, and move only his hands and feet - this is the correct biomechanics. If you start to "jump" up and down - biomechanics incorrect. Furthermore, in this case automatically increased undesirable load on the knee joints and the heel.
All this is already enough to ellipsoids STRIDELINE series were recognized as the best in class rear-wheel drive home ellipsoids. But that's not all - engineers Swedish Jörgen Svensson moved further away. They developed a special energizing pedal ortho-Spring ™, the functioning of which boils down to two important advantages. Firstly, it increases the quality of the already excellent biomechanics due to the fact that the heel does not come off from the pedal. Secondly, the spring naturally absorb the load on the leg joints. Thus, it is another significant plus in the treasury of the orthopedic component.
The remaining benefits SVENSSON BODY LABS STRIDELINE EZM look less significant against the background of the above, but in any case, require absolute references. Absolutely all the major joints with high-quality bearings from Sweden SKF - is not only a magnificent flowing move, but also increased reliability. Step length and associated tilt angle can be mechanically adjusted in three positions. In that case, if the length of 55 cm step seems too big, it can be reduced to 48 or 41 cm. Heavy-balanced flywheel 26 kg weight provides the necessary momentum for efficient pedaling. The handles are made in an original and different from most of the ellipses. Their situation is a little wider than usual - it allows you to load more widely muscles in the arms and shoulder girdle. The maximum user weight for this ellipsoid is 120 kg.
The simulator has all the necessary certificates for sales in the European Union - the European Certificate of Conformity (CE) and the European Security Certificate (RoHS). Brand SVENSSON BODY LABS ™ is a registered trademark of JÖrgen Svensson LLC (Sweden).
TOUCH black and white LCD DISPLAY 14 CM

The training computer is represented by a black and white LCD display diagonal of 14 cm touch control (Touch Screen). Displays all main parameters of training time, distance, speed, calories, pulse and revolutions per minute. Load regulation is regulated mechanically in 8 positions. At the conclusion of the workout Recovery function will evaluate the cardiovascular system's ability to recover.

  • TOUCH black and white LCD DISPLAY 14 CM The training computer is represented by a black and white LCD display diagonal of 14 cm touch control (Touch Screen). Displays all main parameters of training time, distance, speed, calories, pulse and revolutions per minute. Load regulation is regulated mechanically in 8 positions. At the conclusion of the workout Recovery function will evaluate the cardiovascular system's ability to recover.
  • 1 Drive system consists of a complex set of different mechanical and biomechanical solutions. For the glide at all load levels magnetic brake meets the A-class SpinMaster ™ using high quality Swedish SKF bearings, as well as balanced flywheel with inertial weight 26 kg.
  • 2 An essential element of an elliptical exerciser is how connected the main movable joints-crank, pedals and handlebars. This is not only smooth but also reliability of both these elements and the exerciser in General. Usually used either cheaper bushings or bearings-or a combination of the first and second. Bearings are certainly more preferable option. Nevertheless, bearings may also be more or less quality. That is why in èllipsoidah series STRIDELINE from SVENSSON BODY LABS are used only high-quality bearings known Swedish manufacturer SKF.
  • 3 How does the principle of movement in classical ellipse with rear-wheel drive? Pedal is strictly fixed on carrier rail, its position remains unchanged in the full range of rotation. On elliptical trainers SVENSSON BODY LABS series STRIDELINE with embedded technology of fly-Stride ™ pedal changes dynamically through the use of special clips, which moves the pedal into the horizontal projection during movement along the axis.
  • 4 Special podpruživaûŝie pedal ortho-Spring ™, which comes with two important advantages. Firstly, it increases the quality of the already excellent Biomechanics because the heel comes off of the pedal. Secondly, springs naturally buffer stress on joints of the feet. Thus, it is another significant plus in the orthopaedic component.
  • 5 Stride length is one of the most important parameters when choosing an elliptical trainer. While simplistic stride length from 30 to 40 cm is considered to be the minimum allowed, from 40 to 50 cm-high comfortable and anything above 50 cm is the premium level. For STRIDELINE series of Ellipsoids ranging from 41 cm to 55 cm. Maximum stride length 55 cm is an outstanding figure in the class of domestic rear-engined Ellipsoids.
  • 6 Another advantage of the EZM STRIDELINE is mechanically adjustable stride length. It can be set at 41 cm and 48 cm or 55 cm-as possible. Despite the fact that users usually prefer to set stride length to maximum, 55 centimeters may be too much for those who have relatively low growth. Therefore, it is always possible to adjust stride length, taking into account their own wishes. In addition, the Simulator can deal with multiple people, in this case often also need correction step length. And, finally, variable stride length is directly related to the change of the angle of inclination-which in turn allows you to vary the load of various muscle groups of the legs.
  • 7 An equally important characteristic is the distance between pedals (also called "Q-Factor S.Q.F."). While running under natural conditions the distance between stops rarely exceeds 15 cm. Thus, the smaller the distance between the pedals of the ellipsoid, the more natural would be foot traffic. Considering that for rear-engined elliptical exercisers achieve ideal distance between pedals is almost impossible, 20 cm is considered very worthy.
  • 8 Oversized pedals anti-slip allow take any comfortable position. Ribbed surface provides good traction between the soles of shoes and pedals training.
  • 9 Compensators roughnesses of a floor are relatively small, but important option. Most flooring is no different a perfect horizontal surface. Specially for such cases used compensators roughnesses of a floor from which the Simulator is reliably fixed. Firstly, it is important from the standpoint of efficiency and security training-it is hardly possible to engage in full force on the fragile ellipse. Secondly, poorly recorded Simulator can easily damage the flooring.
  • 10 Transport wheels are an indispensable element of any ellipse, they allow the Simulator to move from one place to another. It is important that the videos were made of high quality plastics-otherwise, after a few dozen motion rollers deform and further move the ellipse will prove difficult.
  • 11 Exercise not necessary stop in order to quench the thirst of-in a special holder for containers, you can put a bottle of water.
  • 12 Heartbeat sensors are for reading the user's heart rate during a workout. They also are used during heart rate controlled programs. The testimony of such sensors have some margin of error and are not reliable medical measurements.
Biomechanical properties
Drive system electromagnetic SpinMaster EMS ™
Resistance Levels 16 (10-350 Watts)
Frame biovektornaâ
Flywheel 20 kg. (inertia weight)
Friction Joints bushings and bearings (SKF, Sweden)
Crank System three-disc with a larger RADIUS
Footpads rocker, anti-sliding, oversized
Pedals Spacing 19 cm. (supermalyj Q-Factor E.S.Q.F. ™)
Cushioning System No
Stride Length 41.8 cm.
Incline No
Incline Ajustment 3 the provisions of
Training computer
Display Type color LCD display diagonal of 14.5 cm. workout profile
Language(s) English
Display Feedback profile programmes, time, distance, speed, calories, revolutions per minute, levels, pulse, Watts
Programs Total 22
Preset Workouts Cardio intervals, fat burning, weight loss, endurance, Fartlek, slopes, cardio slopes, Hill, peak, rise, double top, mul′tihill
HRC Programs 4 (55%, 75%, 90% of target heart rate, target)
Customized Programs 4
Watt Program 1
Manual Mode 1
Web Connectivity NO
Software Intergation No
Multimedia No
Plug Connectivity No
Pulse Sensors touch sensors
Personal Fan No
Use and storage
Max User Weight 130 kg.
Folding System No
Floor Stabilizers There are
Transportation Wheels There are
Assembled Dimensions (L*W*H) 120 * 56 * 153 cm.
Folded Dimensions (L*W*H) No
Net Weight 38 kg.
Power Requirements network of 220 Volts
Energy Saving There are
Frame Tubing antikoroziynaya, painting in one layer
Plastic ABS plastic from raw materials
Shipping data
Packaging 1 box (solid pressed cardboard and penoplactovye forms)
Dimensions 101 * 38 * 57 cm.
Volume 0.2188 cub.m.
Shipped Weight 41 kg.
Warranty and certificates
Frame 1 year (standard)/1.5 years (extended)
Drive System 1 year (standard)/1 year (extended)
Electronics 1 year (standard)/2 years (extended)
Cushioning System missing
Labor 1 year (standard)/1 year (extended)
Certificates European certificate of conformity (CE), the European safety certificate (RoHS)
Origin Jörgen Svensson, Sweden

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