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OXYGEN FITNESS ™ PLASMA II LC HRC-powerful semi-commercial treadmill user with a maximum weight of 160 kg. Construction-based frame ensures a robust, time-tested Japanese Fuji Electric engine capacity 3.5 HP continuous load (or 6.3 HP peak power) and waxed double deck thickness of 22 mm. A large running surface with a working area of 142 * 50 cm. provides full freedom of movement on all speeds, including maximum. Dynamic parameters exhibited at maximum in its class-speed to 20 km/h and angle of up to 20%. High strength multilayer polymeric complex cloth weaving Habasit NVT-256 thickness of 2.4 mm. belongs to the commercial and is intended for intensive multi-year operation. High-quality cushioning is configured to medium-soft level of rigidity and provided a double deck in conjunction with 4-dynamic dualFLEX pillows ™. The training computer is equipped with a 6.5-inch color display inches (16.5 cm).

diagonal 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) with the display software profile. Among the programs themselves included 24 regime, aimed at addressing a wide range of tasks-from the development of strength and endurance to reduce weight and improve cardiovascular fitness. In addition to the preset programs, you can use independently adjustable manual mode, as well as create your own program in one of the 4-user modes. There are also 2 heart rate controlled programme with pre-set values 65% or 85% of the maximum target heart rate. To accurately determine the pulse and just comfortable workout in computer embedded high-precision wireless receiver. Other features include track hydraulic folding system easyFOLD ™, which significantly facilitates the folding pathways and when folding provides the slow lowering of a cloth in the last phase, ensuring the ease and safety. Multimedia component represented 5-Watt speakers and a USB input for playing music from a USB stick or Smartphone. Moving walkways going through 2-transport wheels. Align the position Simulator relative to the surface could be due to expansion of roughnesses of a floor.


Color LCD display diagonal of 14.5 cm.

  • Console Color LCD display diagonal of 14.5 cm.
  • 1 Electromagnetic braking system SpinMaster EMS ™ refers to the upper class loading systems.
  • 2 Trehkompone
  • 3 As is the case with conventional street bikes, the seat is essential to creating comfort. Stiff pillow is unlikely to engage in long and comfortably. So for all bicycle trainers Svensson Body Labs installed soft ergonomic seating with helium.
  • 6 Vertical adjustment of the seat is required for choosing the optimal landing position.
  • 1 Adjusting the seat horizontally
  • 5 Circular tilt wheel helps you to configure the optimal position of the steering wheel. You can set the wheel in the upper position, it is more the classic version. Or lower in the horizontal plane for more sporting options.
  • Buckle The pedals have rubber straps that allow you to indulge in outdoor footwear and not compress the ankle. Adjustable straps enables you to adjust the tension under any size legs. Ribbed surface provides a confident grip the pedals with the sole of the shoe is pedaling at all speeds.
  • 1 Compensators roughnesses of a floor are relatively small, but important option. Most flooring is no different a perfect horizontal surface. Specially for such cases used compensators roughnesses of a floor from which the Simulator is reliably fixed. Firstly, it is important from the standpoint of efficiency and security training-it is hardly possible to engage in full force on the fragile ellipse. Secondly, poorly recorded Simulator can easily damage the flooring.
  • 2 Transport wheels are a must-have for any treadmill, they allow the Simulator to move from one place to another. It is important that the videos were made of high quality plastics-otherwise, after a few ten motion rollers deform and further displacement of tracks is not possible.
  • 1 Heartbeat sensors are for reading the user's heart rate during a workout. Some also are used during heart rate controlled programs. The testimony of such sensors have some margin of error and are not reliable medical measurements.
Biomechanical properties
Position Direct
Drive System Magnetic
Resistance Levels 8
Flywheel three-Rod bearings
Crank System Three-Rod bearings
Seat Chrome with superior cushion
Seat Adjustments Horizontally and vertically
Handlebars standard braided from tires
Handlebars Ajustments pie
Training computer
Display Type LCD display
Language(s) English
Display Feedback profile programmes, time, distance, speed, calories, revolutions per minute, levels, pulse, Watts, fitness test (Recovery), žiroanalizator (Body Fat), temperature
Programs Total 22
Preset Workouts Cardio intervals, fat burning, weight loss, endurance, Fartlek, slopes, cardio slopes, Hill, peak, rise, double top, mul′tihill
HRC Programs 4 (55%, 75%, 90% of target heart rate, target)
Customized Programs 4
Watts Program There are
Manual Mode 1
Web Connectivity No
Software Intergation No
Multimedia No
Plug Connectivity No
Sensors touch sensors
Personal Fan No
Use and storage
Max User Weight 140 kg.
Floor Stabilizers There are
Transportation Wheels There are
Assembled Dimensions (L*W*H) 105 * 51 * 128 cm.
Net Weight 29 kg.
Power Requirements network of 220 Volts
Energy Saving There are
Frame profile antikoroziynaya, painting in one layer
Plastic ABS plastic from raw materials
Shipping data
Packaging 1 box (solid pressed cardboard and penoplactovye forms)
Dimensions 94 * 25 * 64 cm.
Volume 0.1404 cub.m.
Gross weight 31 kg.
Guarantee and certificates
Frame 1 year (standard)/2 years (extended)
Drive System 1 year (standard)/1 year (extended)
Electronics 1 year (standard)/2 years (extended)
Labor 1 year (standard)/1 year (extended)
Certificates European certificate of conformity (CE), the European safety certificate (RoHS)
Origin Jörgen Svensson, Sweden

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