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Treadmills SVENSSON BODY LABS ORTHOLINE series belong to the class of treadmills with super amortization. They are built on a unique, designed by engineers Jörgen Svensson orthopaedic platform ortho-Deck Air + ™.

What are the main solutions are used in the depreciation treadmills? For economy class is the basic depreciation based on small rubber inserts for intermediate level-different pillows, and amortization for bonus tracks-elastomers, often in combination with the same shock cushions. Jörgen Svensson's engineers went much further and have created a unique innovative solution. Orthopedic technology based on ortho-Deck Air + ™ lie 6 hollow elastomers cubic form quadro-Run ™ with special smâgčitelâmi foam at the top, and 2 pillows cushioning air-Flex ™ adjustment system on the user's weight.

How does ortho-Deck Air + ™? At the heart of technology lie hollow elastomers quadro-Run ™, they create a unique natural feel during the workout, so comparing with soft path in a park here would be suitable. Foam fabric softeners at the top of each hollow elastomer quadro-Run ™ attach not only extra softness, but also are responsible for a stable position decks (excludes so-called "bounciness effect") during operation at all speeds. Quadro-Run ™ elastomers are located around the perimeter of the deck-they create, perhaps the mildest depreciation among all existing today racetracks. Soft cushioning is not just comfort and natural feel, it is also the maximum possible reduction of shock loads on the spine and knees. Hollow elastomers quadro-Run ™ is the most gentle to joints in the technology industry. It shows how people middle-aged and older, and all those who care about the State of their own.

Hollow elastomers quadro-Run ™ supplements at least significant technology of air-Flex ™ 2-x depreciation and adjustment system on the user's weight. In addition to this innovative solution is additional depreciation element, it provides a unique opportunity to adjust the severity level for individual body weight. It is obvious that a fixed depreciation may not be correctly configured for users weighing 50 and 150 kg in the first case, the track is too tight, the second-too soft. The technology of air-Flex ™ both times and allows you to customize the level of depreciation under its own weight. Depreciation pillows are moved forward or backward along the decks using special regulators. Weights marked on the sticker pasted on the side guides so depreciation adjustment is very simple and will be a matter of seconds. In addition, you can shove not from weight and softness of the requirements from its own decks. Thus, air-Flex ™ is a unique adaptive solution that allows you to adjust the depreciation tracks individually. This is particularly important for cases where several people are involved on the Simulator, greatly differing from each other by weight parameters.


In their rest "neamortizacionnym" features SVENSSON BODY LABS ORTHOLINE TRX occupies a worthy place in the premium class racetracks. Powerful 3 HP engine of the Japanese Mitsubishi allows virtually any train users, the weight limit is 140 kg. A large running surface with a working area of 130 * 43 cm. provides full freedom of movement on all speeds, including maximum. Dynamic parameters are also at a high level-the speed of up to 16 km/h and angle of up to 15%. The training computer display commercial grade is presented. For the main screen used durable blue LED for 7 additional alphanumeric blue LCD displays. Embedded programs focused on any task-weight loss, exercise endurance, speed, there are also health and rehabilitative profiles. In addition to the preset programs, you can use independently adjustable manual mode, as well as create your own program in one of the 5-minute user modes. Handle, executed in the form of individual design solutions, not only conveniently and safely exercise, but also to manage basic settings-on the inner side are buttons to control speed and angle. Other features include track two-phase hydraulic folding system soft-Drop ™, which significantly facilitates the folding pathways and when folding provides the slow lowering of a cloth in the last phase, ensuring the ease and safety. Moving walkways going through 2-transport wheels. Align the position Simulator relative to the surface could be due to expansion of roughnesses of a floor.
The Simulator has all necessary certificates for sales in the territory of the European Union-European certificate of conformity (CE) and European safety certificate (RoHS). SVENSSON brand BODY LABS ™ is a registered trademark of JÖrgen LLC Svensson (Sweden).

SPACETECH console is a great solution, not only in terms of functionality, but also design. It is a thin Panel with black acrylic surface. 4 LED display display the following training information: time, distance, number of steps, calories and speed.

  • 13 SPACETECH console is a great solution, not only in terms of functionality, but also design. It is a thin Panel with black acrylic surface. 4 LED display display the following training information: time, distance, number of steps, calories and speed.
  • 10 The heart of any treadmill is its engine. Svensson's Body hardware Labs establishes one of the most tested and proven the engines from the Japanese Fuji. In addition to high capacity Fuji engines have high speeds-this ensures smooth movement of the cloth on any speeds and prevents from overheating. In Svensson Svensson Body Labs SPACETECH 2.0 engine installed HP
  • 12 Engine compartment is a continuation of the Rama deck is at the same level and looks as a whole. This decision not only aesthetic completeness of forms, but is one of the important factors, which allows to reduce the size of the machine. Every detail is thought through, reflected and folding system that allows you to save maximum space indoors-folded thickness Simulator is only 14 cm.
  • 3 Folding does not take much time, and equipment can be stored folded under the bed.
  • 11 8 flat elastomers is a basic level of depreciation. Despite this, this level can significantly reduce strain on joints of the feet and spine. Combined with good running sneakers and Simulator pad can be almost completely neutralize negative effects on the body. You should also pay attention to the fact that depreciation greatly reduces the so-called "bounciness effect" when the DECA treadmill Springs during operation. This not only makes it less stable, but may well damage the flooring.
  • 2 Legs Simulator have a dense rubber lining, which is an optional element of the depreciation system. The lining is made of quality rubber, differs high wear resistance. Protect floor surfaces from possible scratches.
  • 6 Running surface is essential for any treadmill. Important composition of the materials used and their quality-depends on how long passes running surface without the need for centering procedure and, ultimately, replace. Svensson's Body tracks Labs uses only high-quality cloth, using the best quality polymers. For SPACETECH found 1.8 mm thick cloth.
  • 1 Aluminum on the SPACETECH underwent anodize. Anodized coating does not corrode, possesses high durability and ease of care.
  • 5 Transport wheels are a must-have for any treadmill. Through 4 different rollers trainer can be moved in two projections (forward-back and right-left) is very easily and, most importantly, easy for small squares of city apartments. It is important that the videos were made of high quality plastics-otherwise, after a few dozen motion rollers deform and further displacement track proves to be difficult.
  • 7 Wide aluminum stand for smartphones and tablets on the SPACETECH is recorded using the built-in system of folding. The presence of stands is relatively small, but important option. 30 minute workout is quite monotonous occupation, so various entertaining elements can and should make. Catching up on the treadmill, quite comfortable to watch your favorite movies and programs, surf the Internet, use video telephony and more.
  • 9 Entertainment component treadmill SPACETECH provided input for connecting external media devices. Through the Audio IN connector 3.5 mm minijack, you can connect an MP3 player or smartphone. The sound from the external media can be played on the console's built-in speakers.
  • 4 For easy operation equipment manufacturers have provided bundled special key to adjust the roller blade.
Training computer
Display Type Blue LCD display
Language(s) English
Display Feedback time, speed, distance, calories
Programs Total There is no programme
Preset Workouts No
HRC Programs No
Customized Programs No
Manual mode There are
Web Connectivity No
Software Intergation No
Multimedia No
Plug Connectivity No
Pulse Sensors No
Speed Buttons No
Personal Fan No
Tablet holder There are
Dynamic properties
Power Type electric
Motor 1.5 HP (DC)
Motor (Peak) 2.65
Speed -10 0.8 km/h.
Incline Type No
Incline Range No
Running belt 122 * 40 cm.,
Running Area 122 * 40 cm.
Deck 14 mm., waxed
Cushioning System 8 flat elastomers
Use and storage
Max User Weight 110 kg.
Folding System There are
Floor Stabilizers No
Transportation Wheels There are
Assembled Dimensions (L*W*H) 157 * 70 * 119 cm.
Folded Dimensions (L*W*H) 54 * 70 * 152
Net Weight 40
Power Requirements network of 220 Volts
Energy Saving There are
Frame Tubing anticorrosive treatment, painting in the layer-2
Plastic ABS plastic from raw materials
Shipping data
Packaging 1 box (solid pressed cardboard and penoplactovye forms)
Dimensions 73.8 * 47 * 25.5 cm.
Volume 0.2992
Shipped Weight 47 kg.
Origin Jörgen Svensson, Sweden

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