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Treadmills PHYSIOLINE series from SVENSSON BODY LABS is a premium product in all its manifestations. These include excellent dynamic performance, advanced ergonomics, is one of the best in class, depreciation and reliability, backed by solid warranties. Special mention deserves the appearance, hand in its creation has made famous Swedish interior designer Patrick Hagborg (Patrik Hagborg). The visual concept is based on the black color with the addition of elements of silver and orange. The first gives the equipment necessary solidity - to a certain extent, even brutality. Lighter silver and orange set off the most significant elements and, in general, makes the look of the equipment for the positive perception.
SVENSSON BODY LABS PHYSIOLINE TNX is classified as semi-professional tracks. A distinctive feature of the simulator is an AC motor (3 hp, AC). This means that the track is ready for use in hotels, corporate rooms, rehabilitation centers and fitness clubs with a relatively low permeability. Temporary load on the engine, produced by Japan of Mitsubishi, is 8 hours per day and a maximum user weight is limited to 160 kg. Apart from the engine, it is set to a thick fabric thickness of 2.8 mm commercial grade, which also carries a prosthetic function. canvas size is 142 * 50 cm, it provides complete freedom of movement at all speeds, including the maximum. Dynamic characteristics satisfy any user - the speed varies from 0 to 20 km / h, and the angle of inclination ranges from 0 to 18%. For the amortization of depreciation meets the latest platform physio-Run ™, built with double decks and 6 silicone helium cushions with springs. This technology has excellent damping properties and has minimal impact load on the knees, feet and spine.
Computer Training presented a blue screen diagonal of 18 cm with the profile of training. Built-in programs focused on any possible problems - weight loss, endurance training and speed, there are also bracing and cardiovascular profiles. In addition to the pre-installed software, you can use the self-adjustable manual mode, as well as create your own program in one of the 3 custom modes. 3 heart rate programs with predefined values ​​60%, 75%, 90% are responsible for training those users who need to control the upper limit heart rate. To accurately determine the pulse and a comfortable workout in the computer is equipped with high-precision wireless telemetry receiver. Diversify training helps multimedia component - in the track console installed capacity of 3 watt speakers and audio media files are the MP3-player or smartphone. Handles allow not only convenient and safe to practice, but also to control the basic parameters - speed and angle. Other features include two-phase track system hydraulic folding safe-Drop ™ (with backstop for enhanced security), which greatly facilitates the folding of the track, and when unfolded provides a slow lowering of the web in the last phase to ensure ease and safety. Since the track is heavy, to move it is not used 2 (as is customary in the classic version), and the transport roller 4. The simulator is not necessary to tilt, transportation takes place with the support of all 4 wheels. Align the simulator relative to the surface is possible due to unevenness in the floor joints.
The equipment has all the necessary certificates for sales in the European Union - the European Certificate of Conformity (CE) and the European Security Certificate (RoHS). Brand SVENSSON BODY LABS ™ is a registered trademark of JÖrgen Svensson LLC (Sweden).

The training computer is represented by a unique cutting-edge display with acrylic coating. For the main screen used durable LED LEDs for 6 additional white alphanumeric LCD displays. The main work on the touch keys. Some of the keys made at the bottom of the console and frontal handrail.

  • 1 The training computer is represented by a unique cutting-edge display with acrylic coating. For the main screen used durable LED LEDs for 6 additional white alphanumeric LCD displays. The main work on the touch keys. Some of the keys made at the bottom of the console and frontal handrail.
  • 2 The heart of any treadmill is its engine. In the equipment one of the installed Industrial Svensson most proven and reliable engines from American Leeson. In addition to high capacity Motors Leeson have high speeds-this ensures smooth movement of the cloth on any speeds and prevents from overheating. The INDUSTRIAL engine installed ARMORTECH SVENSSON alternating current (AC) power 5.5 HP engine with this track ready to absolutely any operating mode, including maximum.
  • HEAVY-DUTY HEAVY PROFILE Treadmill frame is made of ultra-strong heavy profile. Suffice it to say that the net bench weight is 265 kg. This is probably the most difficult track in the world. That is why the maximum user weight is 220 kg and operating mode involves any load up to 24 x 7.
  • ELECTRIC TILT 0-20% Virtually all the tracks it is possible to adjust the angle of the mechanical or electrical means. Svensson Industrial Armortech is equipped with efficient power adjustable (from 0 to 20%) due to the advanced recovery engine installed. Electrically variable angle significantly increases the effectiveness of your workouts, creating the effect of lifting up the Hill or cross-country running. This variability provides, firstly, the best result of cardiovascular and, secondly, loads the muscles in a wider range.
  • CANVAS 3.5 MM THICK COMMERCIAL GRADE Running surface is essential for any treadmill. Important composition of the materials used and their quality-depends on how long passes running surface without the need for centering procedure and, ultimately, replace. Svensson tracks Industrial uses only high-quality cloth, using the best quality polymers. To Force a special thick canvas T75 thickness 3.5 mm commercial grade using polymer fibers, which also carries orthopedic function.
  • ALUMINUM RAILS WITH RUBBER INSERTS Special rubberized lining on the side guides not only give more aesthetic and finished appearance, but also to provide an increased level of security. Regardless to what shoe you're-leg never slip off. Side guides themselves are made of aluminum is the most durable material, not subject to corrosion.
  • 6 Control keys on the rails console (also having the name "quick buttons") are a nice addition in terms of access to the most frequently used commands-run or stop a cloth treadmill, as well as change the speed. These keys allow you to quickly access the specified commands, without taking your hands off the handrails. In addition to convenience, this is another plus in providing security for the user.
  • 9 Heartbeat sensors are for reading the user's heart rate during a workout. They also are used during heart rate controlled programs. The testimony of such sensors have some margin of error and are not reliable medical measurements.
  • 7 Exercise not necessary stop in order to quench the thirst of-in a special holder for containers, you can put a bottle of water. Holders are located to the left and right on the console of the treadmill.
  • 10 Entertainment component treadmill Svensson Industrial Armortech provided input for connecting external devices and built-in speakers. To their corresponding connectors you can connect a USB flash drive or SD card with stored audio files. Through the Audio IN (AUX) you can connect an MP3 player or smartphone. In addition, there is a headphone output. The sound from the external media is playing on the built-in console speakers power 5 watts.
  • 12 Stand for a tablet or smartphone is a relatively small but important option. 30 minute workout is quite monotonous occupation, so various entertaining elements can and should make. Catching on the ellipse, quite comfortable to watch your favorite movies and programs, surf the Internet, use video telephony and more.
  • RUNNING LIGHTS Running lights not only enhance the overall aesthetic perception of design Industrial Armortech Svensson, but also have very practical applications. They warn the user that the track is in operation mode and canvas is in motion. Running lights located behind and to the sides of the treadmill. Also highlighted in red emergency stop key.
  • QUICK ACCESS TO THE ENGINE COMPARTMENT Engine compartment shroud is enshrined not several screws or screws as it usually happens, and two clips, which you can open with a coin for a couple of seconds. This greatly facilitates access to the motor compartment for cleaning it.
  • 3 Automatic lubrication system eliminates the need to lubricate the fabric and deck hands. Electronics is the track will do for you. The only thing that remains is occasionally refill grease in the built-in water tank.
  • 4 In the niche of the engine compartment kept the greasebottle and tassel. The first is designed to add grease automatic lubrication system. A second rescue when engine compartment must be cleaned and vacuum cleaner on hand no.
  • 1 Such technology has excellent damping properties and provides minimal shock to the knees, feet and spine.
Dynamic properties
Power Type electric
Motor 3.0 HP Mitsubishi (AC)
Motor (Peak) 5.25 HP
Speed 1-20 km/h
Incline Type electric
Incline Range No
Running belt 2.8 mm, orthopaedic, commercial grade
Running Area 142 * 50 cm
Deck 24 mm, dual, waxed
Cushioning System 6 silicone-helium pillows with springs physio-Run ™
Training computer
Display Type Blue LCD display 18 cm workout profile
Language(s) English
Display Feedback profile, time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, angle žiroanalizator (Body Fat)
Programs Total There is no programme
Preset Workouts 18 (General, endurance 1 and 2, weight loss 1 and 2, 1 and 2 fat burning, cardio, cardio hills, Valley, hollow, rugged terrain, slope, descending, hills rise, mountain, peak)
HRC Programs 3 (55%, 75%, 90% of target heart rate)
Customized Programs No
Manual mode There are
Web Connectivity No
Software Intergation No
Multimedia audio file playback, built-in speakers
Plug Connectivity 3.5 mm minijack audio IN (for MP3 players and Smartphones)
Pulse Sensors sensors, wireless Polar ™ compatible receiver
Speed Buttons There are
Personal Fan No
Tablet holder There are
Charge your Smartphone No
Use and storage
Max User Weight 160 kg
Folding System two-phase hydraulic safe-Drop ™ switcher
Floor Stabilizers There are
Transportation Wheels There are (4 pieces)
Assembled Dimensions (L*W*H) 194 * 86 * 151 cm
Folded Dimensions (L*W*H) 136 * 82 * 151 cm
Net Weight 100 kg
Power Requirements network of 220 volts
Energy Saving There are
Frame Tubing anticorrosive treatment, painting in 1 layer
Plastic ABS plastic from raw materials
Shipping data
Packaging 1 box (solid pressed cardboard and penoplactovye forms)
Dimensions 208 * 90 * 38 cm
Volume 0.711 cube. m
Shipped Weight 122 kg
Guarantee and certificates
Frame 3 years (standard)/7 years (extended)
Motor 2 year (standard)/3 years (extended)
Electronics 1 year (standard)/2 years (extended)
Cushioning System 3 years (standard)/lifetime (extended)
Labor 1 year (standard)/1 year (extended)
Certificates European certificate of conformity (CE), the European safety certificate (RoHS)
Origin Jörgen Svensson, Sweden

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